Tu chiami una vita

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Tu chiami una vita
11.12.04 (11:11 am)   [edit]
I don't know much Italian at all, but there's a song that applies to me so much at this point I want to share it... it's such a pathetic, achingly poignant song. Here it goes:

Tu chiami una vita
Jan A. P. Kaczmarek

Faticca d'amore, faticca d'amore, tristezza
tu chiami una vita
che dentro, profonda, ha nomi
di cieli e giardini
di cieli e giardini

E fosse mia carne
che il dono di male transforma
di cieli e giardini
di cieli e giardini

Literal translation for SugaBear:

Hard work of love, sadness,
you call one life
that within, deep, he has names
of skies and garden

And it was my meat
that the gift badly transforms

You can listen to it here.

I sit here, listening to it, and I literally tear up and shiver. The music runs through me, and the words dance in my head... it's absolutely beautiful. If only I can find the sheet music for it... and pretend I can play.


posted by: SugaPlumbear (reply)
post date: 11.12.04 (11:54 am)

mind putting up the translation for it?
danke schon!

posted by: scribbler (reply)
post date: 11.12.04 (11:58 am)

Reply to: SugaPlumbear
Yes, hun...

posted by: scribbler (reply)
post date: 11.12.04 (12:03 pm)

Reply to: SugaPlumbear
Ok, the translation is up.

posted by: SugaPlumbear (reply)
post date: 11.14.04 (2:04 pm)

hey thanks! Kinda disturbed by the "meat" in there but it's cool otherwise.

posted by: newbie (reply)
post date: 11.16.04 (6:25 am)

I was searching for sheet music also. I also found other people looking for it. Then at the composers website he mentions that in January of this past year he's been trying to get the film studios to release his music. but then nothing after that.

posted by: scribbler (reply)
post date: 11.16.04 (10:27 am)

Reply to: SugaPlumbear
haha... yes...

posted by: scribbler (reply)
post date: 11.16.04 (10:28 am)

Reply to: newbie
It's been so long since the movie came out. I'm surprised no one has gotten a hold of the music yet.

posted by: anna-banana (reply)
post date: 12.10.04 (9:38 pm)

I tried the link you posted to listen to "tu chiami una vita". unfortunately, I cannot access it. there is some sort of technical problem. (sorry i couldn't hear the song)

posted by: scribbler (reply)
post date: 12.11.04 (8:37 pm)

Reply to: anna-banana
Hmm... I guess the person took the song off their page. I might put the song on my page during the winter break. Come back for it later if you want a melted heart. :)

posted by: newbie (reply)
post date: 12.23.04 (6:07 pm)

Would love the sheet music if anyone ever finds it, Much appreciated,

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